Dolomite Mid Weight Crew Neck

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100% un-dyed British Wool 

Crew Neck 

Mid Weight Sweater 

Reinforced Thumb Holes 

Natural Lanolin's 

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The Dolomite Mid Weight Crew Neck Sweater, a testament to sustainability, functionality, and the unmatched comfort of 100% un-dyed British Wool. This crew neck sweater is designed for those who appreciate the natural beauty and benefits of wool, harnessed from the fleece without heavy processing.

Crafted with a focus on both performance and environmental consciousness, this mid-weight sweater offers a blend of natural resilience and comfort. Featuring reinforced thumb holes for added practicality, it's an ideal choice for those seeking versatility in their clothing.

This pullover retains the natural lanolin oils from the fleece, giving it a refreshing wool scent. Crafted entirely from British Wool, it boasts a lower carbon footprint, emphasizing its commitment to sustainability and supporting local manufacturing.

As an entirely biodegradable garment, this sweater doesn't contribute to the harmful shedding of plastic microfibers associated with synthetic materials. Its natural wool properties allow it to repel short showers or sprays while retaining heat, ensuring warmth even in damp conditions.

The inherent properties of wool, including its resistance to moisture absorption compared to synthetic fibers, make this sweater an excellent choice for maintaining freshness without frequent washing. The natural lanolin provides a resistance to sweat absorption, contributing to its longevity between washes.

For those sensitive to the natural lanolin scent, hand washing with fabric softener can help reduce the aroma while enhancing the sweater's softness.

Experience the unparalleled comfort and eco-conscious craftsmanship of the Dolomite Mid Weight Crew Neck Sweater. Let it hang on a hanger to naturally freshen up between wearings, embodying the authentic essence of unprocessed wool while offering both practicality and sustainability in every stitch.

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Dolomite Mid Weight Crew Neck


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