Erebus Boat Neck Pullover

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100% Un-dyed British Wool 

Boat Neck style 

Red Ensign on Sleeve

Natural Lanolin's 

Available in Black Welsh and Light Grey Welsh 

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Designed, Developed and Manufactured by us at Outdoor Knitwear this sweater will keep you warm in the coldest of days. Using 100% un-dyed British Wool gives this sweater the unique colour's of the yarn. The natural Lanolin of the wool gives this sweater a natural water resistant finish. Combining the best of British made clothing using British Wool this sweater has the unique features listed below. 

Oiled wool is a yarn that hasn’t been highly processed and still contains the natural lanolin oils from the fleece

The pullover is Made from 100% British Wool.

Being made in the UK with British Wool gives this sweater a lower carbon footprint 

 Fully biodegradable and will not shed harmful plastic micro fibres associated with artificial fleece/materials such as polyester.

The Erebus is a very substantial garment which will keep you warm during the winter yet, because it is so breathable, it can also be worn during a cool summers evening when the sun has gone down. As with all our Outdoor Knitwear Sweaters they have a lifetime guarantee for repair. If the sweater is beyond repair we will give you a discount on your next purchase.  

It will naturally shed off a short shower or spray and still maintains its heat retention due to the natural fibre properties of wool 

Being made from Wool the sweater won't absorb sweat compared to man made fibres, this is due to the lanolin in the wool, which gives a natural resistance to moisture. 

As this sweater contains natural lanolin's which help it to resist water it is best to wash it as little as possible and since this sweater is made from unprocessed wool, they don't hold sweat like man-made fibres so they naturally rarely need laundering as they will stay fresher longer. The lanolin provides the pullover with a fresh wool smell. 

A top tip from us leave your outdoor knitwear sweater hung on a hanger to re-fresh the garment. 

For those who are not a fan of the smell of natural lanolin in wool you can hand wash the sweater with fabric softener to reduce the lanolin smell and soften the feel of the garment. 

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Erebus Boat Neck Pullover